Nov 11

Here is how to reset Twonky Media Server trial period

If just like me you spent a while figuring out how you could install Twonky Media Server on your old NAS DLINK DNS320 to finally realize that this version of Twonky Media Server isn't a free one but a trial about to expire, well then hold on before trashing your NAS!

I found a solution to reset the trial period of this Twonky software. I am not going to write a book about it so here it is you can download it here: Twonky trial reset

It's not really a crack, well it's not a crack at all , basically it's just a poor HTML page with links to some Remote Procedure Calls (RPC). Before clicking on the reset link you must be logged in to the administration interface of your Twonky server.

After clicking the reset link you should see a blank page and then that's it, you have a brand new trial version (which you can of course reset again and again as long as you wish)

Ma solution pour remettre à zéro la période d'évaluation du logiciel Twonky Media Server à télécharger ici: Remise à 0 Twonky



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